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Here’s A Glimpse of What You’ll Learn From This Life-Changing Book:

  • Command Your Time:
    Unearth the art of dropshipping and AI to construct a fully automated enterprise. Reclaim your time and immerse in those cherished moments with your family, free from business distractions.
  • Harness the Power of AI:
    Wield the transformative prowess of AI for laser-focused product selection, comprehensive market analysis, and crafting compelling copy that converts. Propel your business decisions with unparalleled precision, maximizing profits while minimizing uncertainties.
  • E-commerce Empowerment:
    Master Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, to curate an engaging user journey that seamlessly turns visitors into loyal customers. Balance your new role as an e-commerce whiz with your cherished role as a devoted dad.
  • Seamless Automation:
    Embrace the streamlined efficiency of running your online store with sophisticated automation. Let AI handle your order processing and customer service, freeing up your time for priceless family experiences.
  • Smart Scaling:
    Decipher advanced methodologies to exponentially grow your e-commerce empire without chaining yourself to your workspace. Unleash the potential of digital marketing channels to accelerate your operations, all within the comforting sounds of your family at play.
  • Financial Resilience:
    Craft a robust income-generating machine that bolsters your financial stability and fuels your family's dreams. Develop and implement resilient business strategies, demonstrating that professional success need not compromise on family bonds.

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What You'll Learn When You Claim Your Free Copy:

1. E-Commerce Mastery: Secrets to Creating Passive Income (Valued at $47)

Step into the world of e-commerce with confidence! This book takes you through the essential steps of setting up and running a profitable e-commerce business, making your first step toward financial freedom.

2. AI in Business: Unleashing Speed and Efficiency (Valued at $47)

No longer a thing of science fiction, AI is here to transform your business operations. Discover how to use AI to automate your processes so you have more time for the things that matter most - like your family.

3. The Winning Edge: Finding and Pricing Products Effectively (Valued at $47)

Become a pro at identifying high-demand products and pricing them competitively, all without the time-consuming research. Gain insight into product selection and pricing strategies that drive sales.

4. Customer Loyalty Blueprint: Driving Repeat Sales (Valued at $47)

Unlock the secret to a loyal customer base. Learn how to win customers' hearts and encourage repeat sales, even if you're limited on marketing time.

5. Marketing Marvel: Driving Traffic to Your E-Commerce Store (Valued at $47)

Master the art of marketing your e-commerce store without breaking the bank. This guide will show you how to attract traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers effectively.

6. Scale and Prosper: Achieving Financial Freedom Through Your E-Commerce Business (Valued at $47)

Discover the key to a balanced life - a successful e-commerce business that lets you focus on family without financial worry. Learn to scale your venture effectively and achieve financial freedom.

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Skip the wait and dive right into your passive income journey! Get immediate access to the digital version of the book and start your transformation today.

Bonus #2: AI Tools Handbook: Affordable Solutions For Faster Passive Income

You need to know the best Ai tools on the market for e-commerce success. This handbook is designed to give you just that.

Bonus #3: Effortless E-Commerce: A Step-By-Step Companion Manual For Mastering E-Commerce

We're giving you a comprehensive manual that will simplify e-commerce for you. From store setup to marketing strategies, learn everything you need to know to effortlessly run a successful online business.

Remember, these bonuses are only available for a limited time. Don't miss this chance to boost your journey toward financial freedom with these exclusive resources.

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I want a FREE copy of “Freedom For Dads: Using Ai To Build Passive Income” today!

Is Earning Passive Income With AI For You?


  • Comfortable In The Known: If you relish the predictability of your current job, regardless of the long hours and the toll it takes on your family time, this shift towards the entrepreneurial might not align with your preference.
  • Unfazed by Potential Income: The prospect of an additional $3k-$5k monthly passive income doesn't influence your financial ambitions, keeping the current income structure may be more appealing.
  • Content with Status Quo: If you're comfortable with the current balance (or imbalance) between your work commitments and family time, an initiative aimed at altering this dynamic might not resonate with you.


  • Work-Life Harmony: For those yearning to spend quality time with their families without compromising their professional growth, this book offers the key to unlock that balance.
  • Financial Empowerment: If you aspire to boost your income, specifically through passive means, this book enables you to earn an extra $3k-$5k per month, offering financial security.
  • Self-fulfillment: This book is tailor-made for dads looking to blend their entrepreneurial ambitions with their role as a parent, culminating in a deeply satisfying personal and professional journey.

When You Take Action On This Book, You’ll…

  • Discover how e-commerce could give your family budget a friendly boost, without working overtime.
  • See how AI can make setting up your online store simple, even if you don’t have much time to invest in your business.
  • Learn to create a Shopify store that succeeds, even if IKEA kits leave you baffled.
  • Master gaining customer trust, setting the right prices, and making ads work – no marketing degree needed.
  • Uncover strategies to grow your business without missing your little one's first steps or school plays.
  • Stay ahead in the e-commerce world by understanding online shopping trends, all while still making time for family barbecues.

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Here's Some Of Our Recent Results

From The Desk Of

Perry Srey…

Hey Dedicated Dad,

Tired of books that promise "golden secrets" but end up as glorified doorstops? I get you.

'Get-rich-quick' tales are like a candy store to a kid - alluring, but they often sidestep the real stuff: your family-first mantra.

So here's the truth - you don't need another book just to keep your coffee table occupied.

My book - "Freedom For Dads: Using Ai To Build Passive Income" - is like your Swiss Army knife for work-family balance.

Instead of bombarding you with tech jargon, each chapter serves up bite-sized wisdom on Ai, e-commerce, and the art of dad-ing.

Ever felt like you’re spinning plates, balancing work and family?

Don’t worry, this book is here to help lead you into a very simple business model that any Dad can run working part time. The advancement and availability of AI has made it even easier for us to build up multiple streams of income without having to invest extra time.

Envision a business built on practicality and family values. That’s your ticket to bona fide, long-lasting success.

In this digital tornado, it’s too easy to lose sight of what matters most.

But when we tether our business to a balanced life, we’re sailing towards a gratifying journey.

And that’s what “Freedom For Dads: Using Ai To Build Passive Income” is all about…

Guiding you to construct a flourishing e-commerce business that keeps family at the forefront.

Imagine the joy of watching your kid’s soccer game without worrying about work, or the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve secured a financial future for your family.

That’s the power of passive income.

So don’t wait. Grab a free copy of “Freedom For Dads” below!

Your family’s counting on you,


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Who Is Perry Srey?

Perry Srey is a devoted father, serial entrepreneur, and a trailblazer in harnessing the power of AI for e-commerce.

Having founded a 9-figure enterprise and scaled it to $100M within just three years, Perry has mastered the art of building thriving businesses while preserving quality family time. More than this impressive feat, he's leveraged AI to revolutionize the e-commerce industry and to empower countless dads to achieve financial freedom through passive income.

Perry has collaborated with some of the sharpest minds in technology, juggernaut corporations, and best-selling authors. Still, his most rewarding achievements are the countless dads-turned-entrepreneurs he’s guided, transforming them from time-starved individuals into time-rich success stories.

Above all, Perry values the priceless balance between work and family. He champions a work ethos that aligns with the needs and demands of fatherhood, turning down multiple lucrative opportunities that would have compromised his time with his family.

Join Perry, and countless other dedicated dads, who are discovering the power of AI in e-commerce and creating a future that favors family and financial freedom.

Get your FREE copy of “Freedom For Dads: Using Ai To Build Passive Income” today.👇

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I want a FREE copy of “Freedom For Dads: Using Ai To Build Passive Income” today!

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